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How well do you think I'm playing Twilight? Is she too calm? Too fickle? IS SHE NOT PANICKING AND FREAKING OUT ENOUGH!?

Anonymous commenting is allowed and all of that stuff, so feel free to comment on how I'm doing!

If you'd like to reach me, feel free to send me a PM, IM me on AIM (Sonichero91) or on plurk! ([ profile] rikimaruhitori)
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Home to Twilight Sparkle and a vast collection of books accessible to residents of Ponyville. With several floors, it comes with its shelves completely filled with books of all kinds, including fiction, how-tos, magical tomes, reference guides and many other kinds. One of the highest floors has been remade into a bedroom of sorts, with a bed for Twilight and a little basket for Spike to sleep in. The balcony is nearby and actually pretty roomy. The highest floor is an observatory deck with a high power telescope. Perfect for stargazing.

The basement is home to numerous high-tech machinery for lab experiments and science-y things that every pony needs.

At the very top of the tree is a spot where Twilight can place a lightning rod for protecting her home from lightning during storms.

There are also various notes about many of Ink City's past and current residents left behind by the previous Twilight. ([profile] friendshipreporter)

Current Residents

Twilight Sparkle


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